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The Father of Vaccination / Edward Jenner 1749 - 1823 - Promo

Edward Jenner: A life in letters

An exhibition showcasing a collection of unpublished letters from the great English vaccine pioneer, recently transcribed by staff at the RSM library. 

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Opening Monday 24 July
Free admission 

The NHS at 75: Looking Back to the Appointed Day

The NHS at 75: Looking Back to the Appointed Day

75 years on from the ‘Appointed Day’, we consider some of the milestones in the debate that surrounded the foundation of the NHS

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Open from Monday 3 July
Free admission 

Online exhibitions

The Golden Age of Melancholy - Promo

The Golden Age of Melancholy

Explore melancholy as both a physical humour within the body and the associated distemper of pensive sadness. 

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Louis Pasteur

Celebrating 200 years of Louis Pasteur

Explore the life and works of Louis Pasteur. 

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Famous Figures

Famous figures

From oil paintings to art prints, this online exhibition explores the notable physicians, scientists and famous historical figures that can be found in the RSM's art collection.

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Treasures of the RSM

A fascinating insight into the history of medicine, the growth of the medical and scientific professions and into the lives of former members of the Society.

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Past Presidents

Notable Presidents of the Royal Society of Medicine

Take a closer look at a few of the prominent figures who have been inaugurated as President of the Royal Society of Medicine. 

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Around the world exhibition

Around the world: Medical journeys through the ages

Follow voyages of world-renowned physicians, surgeons and nurses that have shaped our understanding of medicine, through the exploration of journals, logs and records dating back to the 1700s.

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The rise of a specialty promo

The rise of the specialty

This exhibition looks at the 100-year anniversary of the Royal Society of Medicine’s Urology Section, which was crucial to the establishment of urology as a medical specialty.

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Sir William Olser

Sir William Osler, 1849-1919

A great figure in medicine from the late 1800s onwards, Sir William Osler was a member of the RSM and one of the founders of our History of Medicine Section. This exhibition takes a close look at the life of the renowned physician.

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RSM Library

History of the Library

Steeped in 200 years of history, learn more about the beginnings of the RSM’s Library and how it has evolved into one of the largest medical libraries in Europe.

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Women in medicine

Women in medicine

Showcasing women throughout history who have practised medicine, this online exhibition is a celebration of leading female clinicians who have paved the way for women to practice medicine today.

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Snapshots in LGBTQ

Snapshots in LGBTQ + medical history

Showcasing key dates and moments that have impacted the medical history of LGBTQ, from the first documented gender reassignment surgery to the formation of LGBT networks by the UK Department of Health.

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A Harmless Treasure Exhibition

A harmless treasure

Take a closer look at the RSM Library’s collection of rare and beautiful herbal illustrations from the 16th and 17th century, including John Gerard's The Herbal and John Parkinson's Theatrum Botanicum.

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Victorian Botanist Promo

The Victorian Botanist

Continuing the theme of herbal illustration in our previous exhibition, A Harmless Treasure, this exhibition showcases the botanical books that emerged from the popular pursuit of botany in the Victorian era.

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Past exhibitions

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Diabetes and 100 years of insulin

Diabetes: Towards the Discovery of Insulin

17 June 2022 - 6 October 2022

Attachment: Our enduring need for others

Attachment: Our enduring need for others

February 2017 – April 2017