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To qualify for the undergraduate medical grade, you must be studying medicine, dentistry, or veterinary science at an approved UK educational establishment.

If you are studying medicine in a different country than the UK, you can also join in the student category as long as you provide a letter of confirmation from your medical school with information about the course you are studying and your projected date of qualification.

Undergraduate non-medical grade is applicable to you if you are studying full-time for your first undergraduate qualification that does not lead to qualification as a doctor, dentist or vet. You must be studying a healthcare-related subject and not earning any income.

The payment option plan is based on how many years of study you have left before you graduate; please ensure you will be studying for the full term of the plan.

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Other membership options


For working doctors and consultants (FY1 to ST8), retired doctors, and those holding senior management positions in medicine or healthcare.



For scientists and other professionals with a proven interest (or role) in the healthcare sector, but who do not hold a medical qualification.


Support with your studies

Enjoy discounted — and often free — rates to RSM meetings, courses and lectures.    

Students in lecture

Student-specific events and revision courses

One of the most extensive programmes of medical education in the UK, Student members enjoy free or very low rates for all our meetings. Members are also eligible for bursary places for many meetings.

Plus we run a number of student-specific courses and events including OSCE practical days, MRCS Part B revision days and interview preparation courses.

Upcoming events
Free talks and lectures

Priority invites to talks and lectures

Receive priority invites to a number of topical talks and lectures throughout the year. These talks cover a range of topics from medical innovations, global health and arts and medicine, to policy and healthcare debates. 

Upcoming talks

Develop your competitive edge

Stand out from the rest and enhance your career prospects with our prizes and bursaries.  

Prize winner with award

Prizes to enhance your CV

As a member, you can enter competitions to win cash prizes and travel bursaries and more.

While winning an award is great for your CV, simply entering is a valuable experience; it gives you a chance to present your work at an RSM meeting in front of leading consultants and senior healthcare professionals.

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Networking at events

As a member you'll enjoy...

  • Discounts on events
  • Networking opportunities 
  • Entry to the Library
  • Access to The Club
  • Private dining
  • Reciprocal clubs
  • Access to e-resources
  • Discounts and offers
  • Prizes and awards
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