The Royal Society of Medicine’s two journals, the Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine and JRSM Open, are outlets for scholarly comment and clinical research in the specialties of medicine and surgery.   

Published by SAGE Publishing, the journals are editorially independent from the Royal Society of Medicine, and their editor is Dr Kamran Abbasi.   

As an RSM member you can read the journals online for free by accessing our e-resources. You can also subscribe to a paper copy of JRSM to be posted to you by contacting our membership team.  

The journals accept manuscript submissions for review by the Editor.

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Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine

The Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine (JRSM) is a leading voice in the UK and internationally for medicine and healthcare. Published since 1809, JRSM articles range from evidence-based reviews and original research papers to commentaries and personal views.  

The journal implements best practice in scientific publishing with a rigorous open peer-review process, declarations of competing interests and funding, full requirements for patient consent and ethical review, and statements of guarantorship, contributorship, and provenance.   

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JRSM Open is an online-only journal that follows the open-access publishing model. A companion to JRSM, the journal publishes research papers, research letters, clinical reviews and case reports in all specialties and from all countries.  

The aim of JRSM Open is to influence clinical practice and policy making across the whole range of medicine. JRSM Open accepts articles of interest from any reader involved with improving patient care.  

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Submit your paper

If you are looking to publish research or an article, you can submit your manuscript to JRSM or JRSM Open for consideration. Both journals offer rigorous peer review of your research and operate an open peer review process.

For JRSM, there is an average time of 31 days from submission of a manuscript to receiving the first decision. There is also a fast-track decision service available for high quality research articles with peer review comments from other top journals. JRSM is also indexed by the Journal Citation Reports.

Plus JRSM Open is listed in PubMed and freely available via PubMed Central, and it recorded in the Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ). It offers highly competitive rates with some of the lowest Article Processing Charges (APCs) in open access publishing with discounted rates for RSM members.

You can read the full submission guidelines here:

Manuscript submission guidelines for JRSM  

Manuscript submission guidelines for JRSM Open   

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