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RSM Engage member magazine

Discover news, opinions and information about the Royal Society of Medicine's activities by exploring previous issues of RSM Engage.


Equity of access key to addressing physical health needs of learning disability population

June 2023

Spotlight on the Students Section, a call for equity in access for individuals with learning disabilities and the launch of VR-powered training in partnership with Bodyswaps.  

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Judith Potts - Promo

April 2023

An update from RSM President Professor Roger Kirby, Spotlight on the Nephrology Section and explaining the UK's fall down global ranks for life expectancy.

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Bodyswaps - Promo

February 2023

Spotlight on the Geriatrics & Gerontology Section, healthcare training powered by AI and VR plus a round up of latest prizes and RSM updates. 

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EPR50 Promo

December 2022

2022 in review, going the extra mile for RSM members and an interview with Vice-President Mr Hamish Thomas. 

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Portia Goldsmith

October 2022

Get to know the RSM's new Vice-President, Professor Henrietta Bowden-Jones OBE and two of our new Section Presidents from Dermatology and Urology.  

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George Adams - promo

September 2022

Mary Bishop's first 100 days as Learning Director, how dance movement psychotherapy can help people living with Parkinson’s and dementia, and a spotlight on the Ophthalmology Section. 

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Tackling Inequalities - Maternity Promo

June 2022

Spotlight on the Odontology Section, Dame Parveen Kumar celebrates her 80th birthday, The Queen's 2022 birthday honours and a feature on inequality in pregnancy and child birth. 

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Tackling inequalities: could Covid legacy be a great redistribution of health? Promo

April 2022

President of the Emergency Medicine Section at the Royal Society of Medicine talks about life in the emergency department, There's Spotlight on the Cardiology Section and Chris Whitty talks about 'Two Years on' from COVID. 

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Green/Blue Tree Promo

February 2022

A day in the life of Maggie Rae, Spotlight on the Coloproctology Section, two new papers from the Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine and there's an interview with two leaders in healthcare on the impact of climate change.

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General Practice with Primary Health Section

December 2021

Professor Humphrey Scott reflects on his first year as RSM Dean of Education, a spotlight on the General Practice with Primary Care Section. Two new Section Presidents share their thoughts and a new insightful paper from the JRSM on planning for the emergence of vaccine-resistant SARS-CoV-2.

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Strategy Photography Exhibition - Promo

October 2021

An interview with President Professor Roger Kirby & Chief Executive Michele Acton, we hear from RSM members on what the RSM means to them, and there is a celebration of the 100th birthday of RSM member Dr Marjory Foyle.  

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Rhinology - Promo

July 2021

Welcoming new Honorary Fellows, how the Ellison-Cliffe Travelling Fellowship has helped with career development, and a spotlight on recent papers published in the Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine.

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Sarah Filson

June 2021

Exploring the importance of early rehabilitation for long Covid patients and a day in the life of a clinical fellow working at the Health Foundation, plus we welcome new Honorary Fellows and news from our Society representatives.

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Shakespeare promo 2

April 2021

The long-term consequences of the pandemic on the mental health of our children and young people, a day in the life of a critical care nurse and how studying Shakespeare might be the route to restoring the human face of medicine.

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Brain wang vaccine promo

February 2021

A focus on confronting the health challenges of climate change, what it's like to be working as a Covid vaccinator and an account of the hidden treasures to be found in the RSM Library.

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Covid-19 resource hub - promo

December 2020

A seasonal collection of articles about the Society’s activities, including a message from our President and Dean Professor Humphrey Scott, and reporting on our programme COVID & the festive season: Expert advice for staying safe.

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