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RSM members visit Japan

In October 2022, a small group of RSM members travelled to Japan to gain insight into medicine in both rural and urban Japan, and take part in a variety of traditional and contemporary cultural experiences.

Travelling with Jon Baines Tours, in association with the RSM, the group was led by Janice Liverseidge. Together, they journeyed across Tokyo, Okayama, Hiroshima and Kobe using the impressive Japanese transport system, including the world-renowned bullet trains. Whether speeding through the countryside or wandering through the many Japanese gardens, there were opportunities for the group to witness the spectacular red and yellow autumnal foliage during their tour.

During the professional visits, members of the group were warmly welcomed by local RSM members, who took great effort to prepare informative talks and share their personal experiences.

Highlights included: the National Cancer Centre where the group learned of the prevalence of cancer in Japan and how it is tackled; role play in a rural clinic in Aichi; and open discussions with their peers in a medical school based in Tokyo.

During a moving visit to Hiroshima, the group heard talks about the radiation effects of the atomic bomb and the nuclear power plant accident in Fukushima. They also heard how, as a country prone to natural disasters, Japan deals with earthquakes and tsunamis. The Peace Memorial Park and Museum were exceptional, the latter with its many poignant exhibits.

Along the way, the group enjoyed Japanese cuisine from sushi, sashimi to tempura as well as a variety of South East Asian food. There was something for everyone!

A successful trip, and in summary from Janice Liverseidge, a more varied and beautiful country than ever anticipated.

Jon Baines Tours are running further tours to Japan in 2023 including Japan Historical and Contemporary 5-15 November 2023 with Jason James and Medicine in Japan 21 Nov – 2 Dec 2023 with Dr Clare Hurle.

Janice Liversiedge will lead two Jon Baines Tours in association with the RSM in 2023: Medicine in South Korea 28 March – 9 April 2023 and Medicine and Society in Uzbekistan 1 – 14 October 2023

For more details on any JBT tours, please contact or 020 7223 5618 / 9485.

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