We aim to maintain a high standard in all our work and we welcome feedback from all our members and others.

We will:

  • Deal with any complaint promptly, thoroughly and impartially
  • Treat all complaints in strict confidence
  • Keep any personal details you provide fully confidential and only share with relevant people assessing the complaint, where necessary

If you feel that we have not met the high standards we set for ourselves or your expectations, please let us know. We value and always take seriously any feedback, so that we can improve our services.

Please note the complaint can only relate to the work of the RSM. For example, if we fail to respond to your enquiry, fail to achieve appropriate standards or quality of service, or there is a delay in providing a service.

Making a complaint

If you have a complaint, please let us know immediately, or at most one month after the event leading to the complaint. This is so that we can ensure that your complaint is resolved quickly. Please provide as much information as possible, in particular:

  • The reason for your complaint
  • Where and when the cause for complaint arose
  • The name of anyone involved (if known)
  • What outcome you are hoping for

Each case will be judged individually and, if you complain after the one-month period, the RSM’s Chief Executive will decide whether the complaint can be investigated further.

Complaints process

You can submit a complaint by emailing membership@rsm.ac.uk or by calling the Customer Services team on 020 7290 2991.

Alternatively, you can write to us at:

Customer Services Department
The Royal Society of Medicine 
1 Wimpole Street 

What happens next?

Your complaint will be passed on for review to the Director of the department responsible.

We aim to acknowledge and respond to your complaint within 10 working days. Should we need further information to investigate your complaint, we will acknowledge your complaint, explain why it is delayed and provide a date by which we aim to resolve your complaint. This is usually within 28 working days.

If for any reason you are not happy with the way we have dealt with your complaint, you can contact the Charity Secretary at paceo@rsm.ac.uk with details of the complaint, explaining why you are not satisfied with our response and how you consider we should put matters right.

If you remain unhappy with the response you receive, as a final stage in this complaints procedure you may address your concerns in writing to the Chief Executive of the RSM. He or she will then consider the complaint and you will receive a full written response within 14 working days.

Your complaint will also be logged in a central register including the date, nature of complaint and person investigating this at the RSM, together with a summary of the outcome. This information is provided to the RSM Council, who act as our trustees, at the first Council meeting of each calendar year.

If your complaint relates to the conduct of the RSM’s charitable work, you may wish to contact the Charity Commission: Charity Commission Direct, PO Box 1227, Liverpool, L69 3UG.