Do you know someone who devoted their life to helping patients? Perhaps there’s somebody you know who worked in the medical or healthcare sector, or who helped others through their research or in other ways.

Whether the person you’re thinking of was a loved one, a colleague or somebody you simply admired and respected, you have the opportunity to inscribe their name on the RSM’s Memorial Board and commemorate them in a thoughtful way.

The money raised from the Memorial Board goes towards funding professional learning and healthcare innovation programmes.

Memorial board

Adding an inscription

Names on the Memorial Board are reserved for those who worked in the medical or healthcare sectors, including related charities, organisations and institutions. 

You do not need to be an RSM member to add an inscription to the Board.

How to arrange your inscription

To arrange an inscription, complete our Memorial Board donation form and send it back to us. Once you have submitted your donation, the RSM will be in touch to arrange the inscription.  

If you would like more information about the Memorial Board, please email